Fixing Dark Spots on Skin from Masks

Derm 7 was founded and developed by Erica Carey due to her many years of combined experiences in the skincare industry. Having done numerous skin care treatments and running her own business, The Long Beach Medi-spa. She spent years at her clinic doing clinical trials to ensure proven results. She then quickly rose to great success thus moving on to developing her very own skin care product line. This effectively beneficial line includes five different categories to treat various skin conditions such as: Acne, Scarring, Melasma, Bleaching and Anti-aging. Derm 7 is the solution with proven results!

Dark spots caused by Maskne: The root of the problem and an easy solution! Maskne alone is stressful. You’re wearing a mask every day to protect yourself and those around you. You believe that your skin problems are over when you find the perfect solution to Maskne. (hyperlink to maskne article here) To your surprise, the pesky little bumps left behind annoying dark spots. Dark spots are caused by Melasma. Melasma is a common skin problem that causes brown to grayish-brown patches that can appear on multiple areas of the body. Most people get it usually on the face, their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. The most common types of Melasma are:

● Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation (PIH)
● Hormonal (caused by pregnancy)
● Hyper-pigmentation can develop following trauma (such as cuts or scrapes that break the skin)

You can treat all (3) types of Melasma by wearing sunscreen every day and implementing this simple 5-step Derm7 Melasma Skincare Regimen:

1. Gently cleanse your skin of oil and dirt with Derm7’s ULTRA HYDRATING CLEANSER.
2. Tone your skin! Apply Derm7’s LIGHT AND BRIGHT PURE PERFECT TONER to keep the skin hydrated and PH balanced.
3. Apply Derm7’s SPOT OFF LIGHTNING AND BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZER to prevent skin from becoming too dry or oily.
4. Protects your skin from sun damage caused by UVA & UVB with Derm7’s SPOT PROTECTOR 50 SPF.
5. The MAGIC! Apply Derm7’s PURE PIGMENTATION CREAM to help lighten and brighten all dark spots on the face.

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