Combatting ‘Maskne’

Derm 7 was founded and developed by Erica Carey due to her many years of combined experiences in the skincare industry. Having done numerous skin care treatments and running her own business, The Long Beach Medi-spa. She spent years at her clinic doing clinical trials to ensure proven results. She then quickly rose to great success thus moving on to developing her very own skin care product line. This effectively beneficial line includes five different categories to treat various skin conditions such as: Acne, Scarring, Melasma, Bleaching and Anti-aging. Derm 7 is the solution with proven results!

Maskne’: It’s REAL and REAL annoying. Learn how to get rid of pesky mask inflicted pimples today!

Covid-19, a new strain of the Coronavirus, took the world by storm and completely shifted life as we knew it. In order to protect ourselves and those around us from contracting the virus, we have integrated face masks into our daily fashion. According to the CDC, the wearing of masks by healthy persons may prevent potential asymptomatic or presymptomatic transmission. It’s unfortunate that while we wear masks to protect ourselves, we are also creating an environment for acne to flourish. Maskne is a result of:

● Trapped bacteria, oils, and make-up
● The humidity within your mask causing folliculitis, in which hair follicles become inflamed
● Skin becomes irritated due to the mask material
● Wearing a mask more than once (polypropylene or cloth without washing)
● Wearing make-up underneath your mask
● Washing your cloth masks with detergent
● A mask that does not fit
● Dry/irritated skin due to lack of moisture

Whether you’re a frontline worker wearing a mask 5-8 hours a day or a civilian just wearing a mask to the grocery store, it is imperative that you begin implementing a Maskne Skin Care regimen to protect your skin! This 4-step Derm7 Maskne regimen is all that you need:

1. Wash your face with COLD WATER and Derm7’s ULTIMATE CLEAR ANTIBACTERIAL FACIAL WASH. Coldwater protects your skin from bacteria and oil build-up.
2. Tone your skin with Derm7’s OIL AND ACNE CONTROL FACIAL TONER to help improve your skin’s PH balance and close pores.
3. Keep your skin moisturized! Apply Derm7’s ACNE CLEARIFYING MOISTURIZER to absorb oils and reduce breakouts.
4. Daytime/Nighttime
a. Daytime: Protect your skin! Apply Derm7’s SUPER SOLAR OIL CONTROL DEFENSE 50 SPF to protect your skin from sun damage caused by UVA/UNB.
b. Nightime: Spot treat! Apply Derm7’s ACNE CLEARIFYING CREAM on the effected areas 30-minutes before bed.

Also, try to incorporate the following mask etiquette tips to protect your skin:

● Make sure your mask fits properly. If a mask is too small it can irritate your skin.
● Don’t wear makeup!
● If you’re wearing a surgical mask, throw it away after one use.
● If you’re wearing a cloth mask, hand wash it after one use.
● Avoid all fragrant products.

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